Ask Dr. James Beckman… Why is skin so important?

The skin is an organ in itself. It is an impressively large and heavy organ, occupying between one and two square meters of surface area for the average adult. The

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Ask Dr.B…Which product is causing my allergic reaction?

My face just started breaking out in an allergic rash. How do I find out what skin care product, make-up, or soap I’m allergic to? Whenever any adverse reaction occurs,

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Is Lanolin Safe for use on my Skin?

  I have heard a lot of negative things about lanolin. Is lanolin a safe ingredient to use on my skin? This is a question I get often and one

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Scars and Revisons – What you need to know.

  This young man had a nasty deep cut and will likely be a candidate for some scar revision at a later time. It is because of the location and

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Breast Cancer Treatment & Skin Care Needs

Radiation and chemotherapy during cancer treatment are effective because they damage cancer cells to the point of death.  Unfortunately, normal cells also receive injury as part of the treatment process and many are

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