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Pets and Your Health (and Happiness)

We KNOW that you love your pets…and YOU know that your pets love you. But did you know they are actually good for your health? Often people don’t want to

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Accessories and Beauty. Yup, they go hand in hand.

Spring is upon us. But we often hit this time of year with a bit of ho-hum. Our skin feels dull. Our bodies feel winterized. And our wardrobe needs revitalizing.

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Sure Cures for the Winter Blah’s or “Lisa’s back up EMERGENCY Sunshine List”

Ten things you can do today to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face! Plan a party. Invite some friends over…it doesn’t have to be huge. Think

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Valentines Day THREE Ways…

Do not let Valentines Day stress you out. We know those little pink and red hearts are everywhere…and we know they are NOT for everyone. But why not have some

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Eating Healthy on the Road.

You know how it goes. You start out with these great intentions. You will NOT eat fast food. You will NOT buy junk at the gas station. You will NOT

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A Little Sparkle Makes All The Difference

A Little Sparkle Makes All The Difference Do you ever feel just “hum drum”? Boring? Out of touch? Or {gasp} unfashionable? Let’s admit it, we have have those days…or even

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It really IS what’s on the inside that counts.

  I have {gulp} three daughters. One is even a {doublegulp} teenager. They are 13, 11 and 8 – I have a boy too…but this is my GIRLY post! When they

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She said I’m cuuuuuute!

She said I’m cuuuuuute! Remember Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer? Remember the moment when Clarisse has told our red nosed friend Rudy that she thinks he’s cute and he is

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Ready. Set. Exercise. It’s not as bad as you think!

 I know, we all SAY we are going to exercise. Hey, we might actually even WANT to exercise. But it’s that endless problem of time. When can we I fit

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