Skin Care During Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer - The Skinny

Skin Care During Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer: Ask Dr. Beckman

Radiation therapy (or radiotherapy) and chemotherapy during cancer treatment are effective because they kill cancer cells.  Unfortunately, surrounding normal cells are also damaged as part of the treatment process and many are

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drinking water is good for your skin

Why Drinking Water is Good for your Skin

It is no secret that drinking water is good for your skin. But just how good? And have you ever actually tested the theory? Good news for you: I have. It took

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Theraderm Review - Skin Renewal Travel System

Theraderm Review: Skin Renewal Travel System from “Pieces of a Mom”

Nothing beats that feeling when you are SO happy with your skin that you don’t need to hide behind make up! We hear a new story almost daily that someone’s

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Product Highlight: OPC Reparative Gel

Product Highlight: OPC Reparative Gel From the day we’re born the aging process begins.  The older we get, signs of aging begin to accumulate, causing our skin to lose its

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The Benefits of Cod Liver Oil for Skin - The Skinny

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil for Skin

As it turns out, not only does CLO contain EPA (a natural anti-depressant) and Vitamin D (good for strong healthy bones); it also contains Vitamin A and DHA, both of which are beneficial for healthy skin.

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dry skin patches on my eyelids

Dry Skin Patches On My Eyelids – Ask Dr. Beckman

  Winter is notoriously rough on delicate skin, and I always have to ramp up my skincare routine during the cold, dry winter months. But this year I’ve developed a

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Chapped Lips: 6 easy tips to heal them.

We are typically so diligent about moisturizing our bodies – our hands, our legs – even our faces, but we often forget our lips……

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Treat Hands. Don’t Hide Them.

Ask any man or woman, they will tell you that nothing shows our age more precisely than our hands. And while we focus a lot on caring for the skin

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Dry Skin Relief in Winter

Have we talked about how much I love the cold weather? We haven’t? Ohhhh right! That is probably because I DON’T. At all. Anything below 50 makes me a touch

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Keeping Your Skin Fresh and Hydrated When You Fly

At the end of the month, many of us will be making our way to the Blissdom blogging conference in Nashville, Tennessee. WOO! Whether you travel by plane, train, or

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