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Save Face: Put A Hat On It

I would stop just shy of calling me a ‘sun-worshipper’. I live for the warmer months when I can feel the sun on my face.  My favorite color is this

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black drapey sweater

Drapey Sweater; Why Every Woman Should Have One (or five)

One of my favorite trends this winter is the drapey sweater. I have a few different styles and colors, and I wear them several times a week. They are just

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Introducing the Spring 2011 Color Palette

Every February and March, we get what I call ‘teaser’ days. Where one day I’m huddled up inside due to the freezing temps and the next day I’m out running

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What to Wear: From Winter to Spring

No matter how cold the temperatures, I cannot get spring off my mind. There is so much to look forward to — the exotic color palette, included. With all of

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How To Pack Lightly for a 4-Day Jaunt

Pack less without sacrificing style! Here are some great tips on how to pack a small suitcase for a casual extended weekend away. The clincher, we are packing only one

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How To Survive Winter: Editor’s Picks

It’s that time of year again, when we anticipate the season ahead (spring!). Yet, we are stuck in freezing cold temps. So, how will we survive? Easy — with these

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Skin tone: Choose colors to flatter yours!

Remember the old seasonal skin tone analysis of the eighties? We scoff, but I actually think there was a lot of truth to that. I was always an easy one.

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What To Wear After All The Holiday Food

After the holidays of endless buffets and countless glasses of wine, elastic waistbands are welcomed with open arms. Thank goodness for leggings. Whether they be corduroy or cotton, nothing says

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Haute Holiday Style, 2010

The holidays are upon us. Whatever will you wear? One thing is for certain, you must ring in the holidays in style. That means looking and feeling good for all

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