Woman touching neck

Don’t Neglect Your Neck

Most of us are very conscientious about caring for our face. After all, it’s the only one we’ve got, and we usually don’t have to look around for too long

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Choosing the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin Type

With summer long behind us and colder, drier air on its way, it’s time to reassess your skincare regimen. Perhaps you’re considering using a heavier moisturizer during the dry winter

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What is a Peptide - The Skinny

What is a Peptide?

Peptides are the building blocks of proteins, and have become an essential ingredient in anti-aging skin care. They are a string of amino acids that are held together by bonds of nitrogen and carbon

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theraderm burn relief

Dr. Beckman’s Burn Relief Method

For everyone who got to have some fun in the sun this weekend, we’re hoping you practiced responsible sun safety and stayed protected. If you didn’t, you’re likely facing the

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uva vs uvb rays

UVA vs UVB Rays

It’s finally Friday! And that means Memorial Day weekend is here! Actually, according to the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention, it’s “Don’t Fry Day,” which was declared to encourage

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Best ingredient to look for in sunscreen

The Best Ingredient to Look For in Sunscreen

Though it may not be summer yet, it’s officially sunny and warm out for most of us, and people are getting outside. We don’t mean to repeat what you’ve probably

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Woman with adult acne

What Causes Adult Acne?

No, it doesn’t just happen to teenagers. Adults get acne too. For some, adult acne can be the first breakout they’ve ever had, and this can be frustrating. So what’s

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How Stress Can Affect Your Skin

In recognition of Stress Awareness Month, the theme for this month is—yep, you guessed it—stress. Particularly, how it affects your skin. Stress isn’t just a mental issue. It can have

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Reveal the Younger You

Reveal the Younger You

We know how you feel. Our skin looked so much smoother and healthier too when we were younger. But there’s no need to fret. Aging is (obviously) only natural and

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Theraderm Review - Skin Renewal Travel System

Theraderm Review: Skin Renewal Travel System from “Pieces of a Mom”

Nothing beats that feeling when you are SO happy with your skin that you don’t need to hide behind make up! We hear a new story almost daily that someone’s

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