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Pets and Your Health (and Happiness)

We KNOW that you love your pets…and YOU know that your pets love you. But did you know they are actually good for your health? Often people don’t want to

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Reflection on Inner Beauty: Lessons learned from a Six Year old

We spend a lot of time focusing on beauty.  Let’s be honest – it is hard not to – we are surrounded by it – the covers of our magazines

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It really IS what’s on the inside that counts.

  I have {gulp} three daughters. One is even a {doublegulp} teenager. They are 13, 11 and 8 – I have a boy too…but this is my GIRLY post! When they

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The beauty of becoming real

One of the most beautiful lessons on real beauty came to me as a child.  Sealed in the story of a child’s stuffed animal, the lesson has clung to me ever

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The Lesson Of Real Beauty

Delighted. That’s how I felt when I was asked to join the team of Real Beauty Bloggers for Therapon. Not because I consider myself a Real Beauty. (stop laughing!) Good

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Real beauty

“Beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes straight to the bone.” ~ Dorothy Parker They’re unforgettable, aren’t they? That book with a gorgeous cover, the one you’re compelled to

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