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5 Foods That Hydrate Your Skin

We all know we should drink no less than eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day, but sometimes that can be difficult to get in. Luckily – there are an abundance of OTHER ways to get your hydration on!

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Product Highlight: OPC Reparative Gel

Product Highlight: OPC Reparative Gel From the day we’re born the aging process begins.  The older we get, signs of aging begin to accumulate, causing our skin to lose its

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Stay Hydrated This Winter

How to Stay Hydrated This Winter

We all know we should be drinking lots of water, but that’s not the ONLY thing we can do to keep ourselves hydrated. Here are 5 other ways to stay hydrated this winter.

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Hi-Tech Water Bottle: Where Design + Function Meet

Your average water bottle? Take a closer look. This one has a filter.

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A Challenge for you: Drink Only Water

I do something that makes my husband crazy. I drink soda. Yes, I know it is bad for me. My consumption ebbs and flows. Some weeks, I barely have any and other weeks, it is all I drink.

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Keeping Your Skin Fresh and Hydrated When You Fly

At the end of the month, many of us will be making our way to the Blissdom blogging conference in Nashville, Tennessee. WOO! Whether you travel by plane, train, or

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Therapon Winter

Got Winter Skin?

Even though I live in the moderate temperature of sunny California, I still battle with annoying dry parched persnickety skin during the winter months. You know what I mean, sometimes

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Detox For Improved Skin Health

It’s time to take a new approach to skin care. Start a detox program!  I’m not suggesting you go extreme by participating in a month long detox program or fast

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Wintertime Skincare Tips

  Everyone finds that the harsh weather of winter takes a toll on their skin, but some of us suffer more than others.  I have been cursed with the skin

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You Are What You Eat

For years I’ve been told by dermatologists that diet doesn’t affect my skin, but I am convinced that nothing is further from the truth.  (Unless it’s the ridiculous notion that

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